Strategic market analysis and integrated communication

We analyse and add focus like a strategic consultancy, whilst stimulating, adding impetus and unleashing energy –like a creative agency. This is the principle reflected in the X above. So we start wide but then we zoom in, right down to the last detail; we take this detail and translate it into an inspirational idea; then we take this as a new starting point and go out into all key channels of communication – directly into the minds of the target group.

Whether it’s about positioning, branding or the entire campaign – we always stick to this principle. Because it’s what empowers us to create outstanding communication, to offer effective answers to the business challenges faced by our clients. We guide you through these three aspects very carefully, but also gladly support you with other, perhaps even more specific issues. That’s because we’re a consultant, a designer and an active companion on your journey to the summit.


rsk. Creative Solutions

rsk. Creative Solutions develops strong communication solutions.

  • Creation, design, text and content
  • Integrated campaigns and communication solutions
  • Print, digital and social media
  • Branding and corporate design
  • Trade shows and events
  • Image, product and service campaigns
  • Digitalisation strategies
  • Sales promotions

rsk. Consulting

rsk. Consulting achieves transparency by analysing trends and success factors, examining its clients' needs, and considering the competition. Rather than settling for the first obvious solution, we always aim for the heart of the matter. We strongly believe that an outstanding brand needs a firm foundation. As a consultant and hotbed for ideas and inspiration, we develop custom solutions that lend our clients a credible and lucrative market presence and address their business challenges.

  • Strategic market and competitor analysis
  • Brand identity, brand positioning and brand management
  • Digitalisation and sustainability
  • Employer Branding
  • Marketing planning
  • Brand workshops
  • Creative briefs

rsk. Digital

Digital communication technologies are changing our lives significantly – prompting new ways of life and behaviour. rsk. Digital helps its customers navigate this fundamental transition. As a consultant, we identify new opportunities, create transparency, and boost brand communication in the digital age. As an expert partner, we deliver creative, sustainable and technologically sophisticated communication solutions and digital brand experiences that promise an exceptional user experience.

  • Brand positioning and brand management in the digital sphere
  • Advice on digital communication
  • Digital communication strategies
  • Conceptualisation, design and execution of digital brand experiences
  • UX/UI design and programming for websites, online shops, web portals and apps
  • Social media
  • Web analytics and search engine optimisation

rsk. Productions

Whether film or photography, rsk. Productions delivers an all-round service: from the initial idea and storyboard to production and post-production. Our many years of experience in video production and photography, our flexible and dynamic production network, and the conceptual expertise of our photographers, creatives and editors, mean that we can deliver the appropriate format for any media channel.

  • Image and product films
  • Image and product photography
  • Recruiting films
  • Documentary films
  • Explanatory videoss
  • Films for event and trade shows
  • Aerial shots

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